Be confident and bet on yourself

Don't puss out or put your money on the don't pass when the dice come to you. You came there to gamble and waited your turn; hopefully you've set aside X amount of chips for your roll and its time to try your luck.

Take care of your dealers

You want the dealers to want you to win. Don't wait till the end to tip, make a bet for the dealers early on. They can make your experience more fun and maybe help you win.

Go with what the table's doing

Although its good to have a plan or strategy in mind when entering a crap game, anything can happen. The hardways could be the best bet on the table, or even the field. No one strategy exists that will work even most of the time. Pay attention to, say, how many passes each shooter is making. If everyones' making their 1st point then losing on the 2nd, be there for the winner then wait for the next shooter.

When Shooting

Hit the back wall like you're feeding chickens. Just lob the dice about eye level with enough gusto that they hit the wall on the opposite side of the table. It's still a roll if you don't, but the dealers and box supervisor will give you flack for continually throwing short. Moreover, winners hit the back wall.

Be quick and consistent

Like in golf, a pre-shot routine is valuable but no one wants to wait for 3+ practice swings, an ass wiggle, prayer and several deep breaths before every shot. This will also bring flack from the dealers and box supervisor. Besides, there's a flow to the game and its in all the player's best interest to keep a swift pace. Lastly, avoid changing anything in the middle of your roll. If you're still shooting after several rolls you're doing something right by not throwing 7—which a change will likely bring.

Stay focused

It's easy to be distracted when shooting and you're already in a heightened state of being. Other players will screw you up more than anyone; arguing with the dealers, making bets late, telling you what to do. Dealers will try and give you advise or sell you on more bets. Managers will ask if you want to be rated. And the waitress always brings your drink when you're in the middle of shooting. Tell her and the managers to wait until you're done shooting. The dealers might be selling you a good bet so what they have to say is worth considering. The other players would be best to ignore, especially those bringing negative energy to the game.