Don't Pass

Imagine betting on the dealer's hand in blackjack. Craps allows any player, even the shooter, to bet with the house. Recall the 2 modes of play, come out or point established. A don't pass wager loses on winner 7s and 11s, wins on 2 or 3 crap, push on 12. Except for the 12, the rules are the exact opposite of the PASS LINE. After a point is established a don't pass wager may be reduced or taken back altogether. New wagers may not be made, even if a player had one before the point was established then removed it after. The reason for this is the odds are in favor of the don't pass wager after a point is established, not before. Instead the player can make a "lay bet" against the point by notifying the dealer and paying a vig. The lay bet pays reverse odds meaning the player must risk more than he or she will win. Waiting to see which number will be the point and avoiding the winner 7s and 11s is costly. Players wanting to increase their wager on the don't pass must make an additional wager that is distinguishable from the original don't pass bet. These odds pay opposite the PASS LINE's true odds for any given number. To win an extra $20 on the don't pass when the point is 4, one must bet an additional $40 in odds. Often it seems like don't pass players recieve large payouts when most of the chips you see are the actual bet he or she had to risk. So first the don't pass player must withstand winner 7s and 11s on the come out roll. After that he or she must risk more to win less because of reverse odds.

Don't Come

A don't come bet is that the next regular number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10) rolled will come once before the next 7. Opposite rules and odds apply just like the don't pass. Loses on winner 7s and 11s, wins on 2 or 3 crap, push on 12. Like a player betting with the shooter, the don't come is a means of putting more money on the table at a gradual pace. One difference is don't come bets are not locked in the way a come bet is. If a six rolls and the don't come better suspects another six may come before a seven he or she can say "no action" and the bet will stay in the don't come for the next roll.